Low Sperm Count(Oligospermia)/Liquidity Of Semen
  • Excellent Aphrodisiac - used by riches to improve stamina, strength, low sperm count, improve quality and quantity of semen, clear the yellowness in semen, make it thicker, cure erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and infertility in both men and women. 
  • It is an excellent cardiac tonic and useful in general weakness, low BP and low pumping capacity of the heart 
  • It helps to improve low appetite, lack of digestive fire
  • Improves memory, intelligence and useful in nervous weakness as well as neuropathy caused by Diabetes
  • It's a wonderful formula in where the person feels lethargic, pain in lower legs, fatigue, tiredness, lassitude, coated tongue and general weakness 
  • It improves muscle strength, helps in all wasting diseases like muscular dystrophy, loss of memory, dementia due to aging, parkinsonism, Tissue wasting