Errectile Dysfunction  /Impotence

If a person cannot fully satisfy his wife in the sexual act, it is called Errectyle Dysfunction(ED) or impotency. The main cause of ED or impotency is excess of masturbation, secondly excess intercourse. At this stage the patient has a desire for intercourse, but he is helpless because his penis does not erect enough, in other words it can be said that the penis becomes like a paralysed part of the body. Somehow or the other he achieves some erection in the penis but he discharges before intercourse.Sometimes penis soften before or without discharge.


This disease ruins married life. The wife becomes very much disappointed and frustrated. Not only the satisfaction of sexual desire she has, but the desire of having a child is more important to a woman.Due to this Hormonal imbalance will occure in women body, and creats so many Gynaecological problems.