Loss Of Libido


The frigidity of the Latin word meaning frigidus cold, is a concept that is not necessarily accurate. Acceptance means the usual lack of pleasure during sex. It is a disorder that can affect men or women but for men, we talk about sexual impotence. When frigidity consists only to a certain extent the lack of sexual desire, it is called aphanisis. Some assume that a frigid woman who is unable to orgasm. we speak of anorgasmia.


They can be multiple and vary from one woman to another. We can mention those due to the history of parents and their descriptions such as the curse cast by mother to the father for his sexual excesses, dead father, divorce, etc.. There are also causes related to lack of sex education, social conditions, traumatic episodes, the partner's behavior toward women, to organ failure. Brief frigidity is usually the result of great difficulty and psychological deficits of the bodies due to pain as very severe disease.  According to one study, 80% of cases are psychological blocks that can be classified into a dozen types of situations corresponding to situations always similar to some patients but particular due to sexual past of each one.  Only 20% of impotence are due to many serious diseases, the most common are diabetes, cardiovascular disease, paraplegia, hypertension, almost complete obstruction of the arteries genitals, the evils of alcoholism on nerves, the consequences of certain actions that require cutting arteries and nerves, hormone deficiencies, sleep disorders, etc. ... but in fact, at least 36% of medical and organic cases added to depression and sense deteriorated life.


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