Joint Pain

Joint pain can be caused by injury affecting any of the ligaments, burse, or tendons surrounding the joint. Injury can also affect the ligaments, cartilage, and bones within the joint. Pain is also a feature of joint inflammation (arthritis, such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis) and infection, and extremely rarely it can be a cause of cancer of the joint. Pain within the joint is a common cause of shoulder pain, ankle pain, and knee pain. Joint pain is also referred to as arthralgia. The sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) Chlamydia and gonorrhea can lead to joint pain.


       Muscle or joint pain is a frustrating and painful condition for patients. You need more than a single approach to manage joint pains. Joint Pains in initial stages can be managed by having medicines at home. But Anti-inflammatory drugs often suppress the pain and limit swelling but pains do come back. Living with pain can greatly diminish one's lifestyle, and we are here to help. If chronic pain is moderate to severe and is constant, or if treatment does not control the pain, you may need to see a specialist. No matter the scope of your problems, we will treat you with genuine concern and compassion. Many cases of joint pain can be cured by rest or medication, while others may require a change in your routines to prevent the problem from cropping up again.